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How Does MicroBlading Work?


Microblading is a Tattoo art technique where a small, hand-held tool containing many tiny needles is employed to add semi-permanently color to the patient’s skin carefully. This technique is often used for body art but is also used in other areas of tattooing, such as faces and even cartilage. It is an important segment of tattooing since it allows for the intricate detail that the more significant, bulkier pieces can not offer. The color added as a result of microblading tends to be highly realistic. However, one must be careful to follow proper safety measures while microblading to avoid any complications.

The purpose of this type of cosmetic procedure is to enhance the appearance of a person’s skin while still protecting that skin from infection and other harmful substances. The microblading needles are usually made out of plastic. The microkeratome is used as the instrument to puncture the outer layer of skin using a fine needle. Then the microkeratome is manipulated by a rotary or rotating wheel to inject the color into the skin. The process of microblading has become popular with women who want to have tattooed faces and even cartilage. This technique is also commonly applied to fill in the lines in the aftermath of burn injuries.

Microblading provides a high degree of control over how much makeup pigment is injected into the skin. Since microblading uses a small, hand-held tool to inject color, there is less risk of damaging the surrounding tissue. Because microblading provides detailed work on the surface of the skin, there is less bleeding and bruising. The results are very natural looking, making microblading an excellent solution for those who want to enhance their eyebrows, lips or cheeks, without having to go through the expense and inconvenience of plastic surgery. Microblading provides the option of fading specific areas as opposed to fading the entire face, which can be difficult and time-consuming for those who desire flawless, seamless coverage.

Like other types of microdermabrasion, microshading requires that the patient remove make-up before being treated. The patient should consult with a cosmetic technician prior to undergoing the procedure. The cosmetic technician will determine if the patient will need to remove the foundation or any other cosmetics, if any. The microdermabrasion technician will also determine if the patient will need to protect their eyes, and what height will be appropriate after the treatment. The cosmetic technician may also suggest a make-up removal product to help eliminate residue, if desired.

In addition to injecting color into the skin, microshading utilizes a thin, hand-held, powder-coated needle that has a closed tip. The technician gently applies this microshading needle over the desired area, applying a light coating of powder to the skin at the base of the needle. The needle is carefully withdrawn, and the color appears as streaks of color, which gradually spreads outward from the surface of the skin. Some microshaders can also be used on eyebrows.

After microshading, a patient must apply a topical numbing cream to their skin to help reduce discomfort and redness. The numbing cream is typically an off-the-shelf cosmetic technician product that can be purchased at a beauty supply store or online. Once the cream is applied, the cosmetic technician moves his or her needle underneath the skin and draws a series of microshader lines. Each line represents a different color. As the lines spread from the base of the needle to the surface of the skin, the color in the microshader appears more distinct.

Microblading provides the cosmetic technician with precise control over the depth of the color, allowing the client to customize the look and effect of their eyebrows. Many microshaders today have built-in programmable options that allow the wearer to change the intensity of the microshader as they desire. The tattooing and shading portion of the procedure takes only a few short minutes to complete. The entire procedure can be completed in about fifteen minutes.

If desired, the tattoo technician can use a different, hand-held tool to draw the outline of the eyebrows and to blend the color in with the skin around the tattoo. The makeup technician simply moves his or her hand along the skin surface to create the outline. A client can leave the tattoo procedure after this portion of the procedure. The application of microblading pigments is painless and doesn’t require a prescription. Since microshading colors are not permanent, clients can return to the artist if they want to change their look in the future.